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Flower Care Advice


Here at Shaw’s we want your flowers and plants to maintain their beauty for as long as possible so we have come up with some advice on how best to look after them. 


Firstly you should cut the bottom of the stem on the angle with either a sharp knife or scissors. Place the flowers in deep water to hydrate them before arranging them in a clean vase. If any foliage is below the waterline you will need to remove this. Always use the flower food provided. 


Care for roses is slightly different. You will need to cut the bottom of the stem on the angle as well as cutting up the stem around 2cm with a sharp knife or scissors. So the rose can have a good drink place your flowers in deep water in a cool room. Finally you can arrange the roses in a deep clean vase using the flower food provided.

Tied Arrangement

If your flowers are wrapped in cellophane with water you will need to pierce the film over the sink to drain the water before undoing the ribbon. Trim your stems as above and place in water. It is up to you if you leave the flowers tied in the vase or cut to leave the flowers loose.

Flower Arrangement

If your flowers are arranged in floral foam you will need to add water daily to keep them hydrated and looking beautiful.

General Advice

To prolong the life of your flowers for as long as possible you should avoid putting your flowers in direct sunlight, draughts or hot locations. Always use the flower food provided.

Caution – Some flowers and foliage may be toxic or cause skin irritations so it is best to keep them out of reach of children and pets and to always wash your hands after handling flowers and plants.

Caring for your plants

The majority of plants can be mist sprayed to keep the plant hydrated. All plants should be kept out of direct heat and draughts. Plants should not be placed on polished surfaces or televisions.

Planted Bowls/Tropical Plants/Foliage

These need to be kept in a fairly warm room with good light, all plants need water, but not too much, the soil should be moist. Plants should be fed once every two weeks in the Spring/Summer and when flowering. Remove any deadheads, fading or damaged leaves to regenerate the plant.  

All our flowers and plants are sent with a care card for more information.